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Lera, please tell a bit about yourself.
I am an architect and a jeweler. Last year I graduated from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp. Then I decided to create my own jewelry brand 'Lera Treyger '.

What's the main idea of LT jewelry?
I always think about delicacy when creating designs. Clean shapes and sophisticated timeless design which emphasizes the natural beauty and uniqueness of each girl.

Tell something about the process of creating jewelry. Why did you choose gold?
The older you get, the more you want to invest in the quality and design of things that surround you every day. So for me the high quality of product is very important. All jewelry pieces are handmade in Antwerp from 18 carat gold, because it is the most "noble" and durable metal.

The main message that your brand identity is about?
The main task for me as a designer is to help people emphasize their features with truly delicate jewelry. To show this way a good, quiet and calm self-love.

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